Chef Gus Ashenford

Chef Patron Gus and Kate Ashenford run Michelin Starred Restaurant 5 North Street with pride. An integral part of Winchcombe’s tight-knit community, they provide memorable dining in an uncluttered 26-cover dining room.

Gus’s dedication to gastronomy was evident from day one. A man with a redoubtable work ethic, he completed his training under Michel Roux Snr at the three-star Waterside Inn, at Bray-on-Thames. Monsieur Roux was so impressed by his youthful protégé that he once flew him out to the Kremlin, where he’d been asked to cook for then-President Boris Yeltsin.

He met his wife, Kate, while working at The Waterside. He opened Restaurant 5 North Street early in 2003.

Within three weeks, he’d been visited by a Michelin inspector and one of the UK’s best-respected food critics, Matthew Fort. Both gave him starry ratings and the reputation of Restaurant 5 North Street took off.

Gus is a man with a huge talent and a great history. Described by David Everitt-Matthias as ‘an unsung hero’, Gus cooks straight from his heart. He is not a slave to fashionable food and opts for classic dishes where flavour is king.

He was inspired as a boy, taking great delight in his mother’s exceptional home-cooked food. A college course in catering led to an apprenticeship at Calcot Manor, in Tetbury, where he met another mentor, the Michelin-starred Ray Farthing, now of 36 On The Quay.

He developed his style in a number of restaurants in the region before going it alone. And the long-term success of Restaurant 5 North Street vindicated his decision to lead his own kitchen.

More recently, plaudits have come from the region’s resident two Michelin star chef, David Everitt-Matthias, who adds: ‘He has taken his knowledge and used it to its best advantage by providing a unique take on modern British food’.

His great mentor, Michel Roux Snr, holds him in similar esteem: ‘Gus has shown what is possible if you follow your dream’.

Gus features in Signature Chefs Recipe Book from the Heart of England. Details Here

Chef Gus' Dessert featured in Signature Chefs Heart of England 2015
Chef Gus’ Dessert featured in Signature Chefs Heart of England 2015